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Oprah’s shoe fetish I have not been an oprah winfrey fan for years.I think she’s self absorbed, disconnected from reality and holds way too much sway over the minds and tastes of her target demographic.So, my disgust wasn’t too difficult to summon when i saw this story about jessica seinfeld’s $15, 000 thank you note to oprah. Seinfeld wife of jerry appeared on oprah’s show last week to promote her new cookbook”Deceptively delicious. “With the book now comfortably perched on the bestseller list, mrs.Seinfeld sent oprah a thank you gift of what is estimated to be $15, 000 to $20, 000 worth of shoes.Here’s a look, along with a peek in oprah’s closet: But by sharing a glimpse of seinfeld’s largesse with her audience along with a peek inside her capacious vault of footwear oprah has uttered the 21st century equivalent of”Let them eat cake. “Her actions say:$20 thousand of shoes is so much gravy to me.Now let’s talk about your hot flashes and your failing marriage while i chastise james frey for being a phony.Oh, and when you get home be sure to buy this month’s oprah magazine so you, too, can read about celine dion’s”Aha moment”And memorize my”O list”Of things i think are great. Maybe i’m just jealous because no one gave me a trunk full of christian louboutin heels but i like to think that if someone https://www.yali.com.au/ did i would be busy donating them to dress for success or auctioning them off to benefit childhood nutrition programs(Since childhood nutrition is the focus of seinfeld’s book, why not help kids who aren’t the offspring of book jacket blurb pals sarah jessica parker and kelly ripa). This might be the first time i disagree with liz on anything, ever.Yes, she is a multi gajillionaire.The vast majority of that money was made by operating a tv show that has been devoted, at best, to improving others’ lives, and at worst, to entertaining people.On top of that, she gives millions and millions of that money to charitable causes.If you don’t like her, don’t watch her, but why does no one criticize donald trump’s real estate collection or bill gates’ anything the way people criticize oprah?I think liz summed it up when she says oprah”Holds too much sway”Over the american public.If she had the same amount of money, but were not nearly so popular, people wouldn’t care.But isn’t that the choice of the people who watch her or are her fans?Why the sour grapes among those who don’t or aren’t? My guess is, she will wear each pair of shoes once on her show and then either donate or auction them.Like oprah needs more shoes.Like, if she did, she couldn’t snap her fingers and make them magically appear.It just seems pointless to waste $20, 000 on shoes for someone like oprah. And i say this not because oprah doesn’t deserve gifts.She certainly does.She does a lot for charity and for people in general.I like her. But i think next time, give her something she can’t buy.You know she can buy shoes.I think it would mean more to someone like her that you send something creative, self made.I don’t know. Something homemade with a video taped thank you orI don’t know, something she can’t buy anywhere. As to what she should do with the shoes. Who said she will keep them?She didn’t.I think she was less showing off and more showing her appreciation for mrs.Seinfield’s gesture.She’ll probably give a lot of them to her staff at harpo, keep some, or auction them. I’m with liz on this.I have a love/hate opralationship.I think she’s an evil genius bent on world domination, and though i respect her firm command of the tastes of the masses, i really can’t respect her adulation of the idiotic”The secret”Bs.So she gives millions to charity.Ok.Then what’s a few thousand more in shoes?Auction them off, give the proceeds to a good cause, and have done with it. Also, i think that book, christian louboutin outlet and the gift that went along with it are seriously creepy.Yay for fall! I think she should wear each pair on her show in a ‘fashion show’ with an outfit to match, then put each ensemble, shoes included, up for auction on her website. I’m uncomfortable w/jessica seinfeld giving her the shoes since it stinks of payola even though i don’t think it really is.Seems like there was some other way to ‘thank’ oprah that would have been less ‘personal’ and more meaningful. I vote to leave oprah alone, she does give tons and tons and tons away(School in s.Africa anyone? )She might not be as demure and delightful as diana, but as anonimis suggested, she’s probably better in terms of self absorption than most billionaires or the general populace.I think donating the shoes, or at least saying”I’m donating the shoes”Would be tacky they were a gift and should be accepted graciously.The gesture was the epitome of tackiness and imelda marco ness. I’m not an oprah fan because i hate what she has done to american literature.Some will say she wants to get more people reading, but i think she promotes books written by people who write about”Nice”Things she approves of and lick her boots.Not good for creativity.Just look at all the chick lit crap that is now in every bookstore.But, seriously, how many women trust others to buy shoes for them?That’s a little below underwear on the list of personal gifts.They have to fit right, you have to like them and so many other things.Heel height, etc.

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